Excellent Services

Round the clock taxi service

MetroCabs is dedicated to provide excellent
taxi service 24/7 for it’s clients and operate
help center at 0508 12 13 14.

Goods & Parcel Delivery

You may bypass the courier option for your
urgent parcel delivery. We are just a phone call away.

Private Hire Service

Private hire service also available on request. An
approved private vehicle would pick you up. This
service available on pre-arranged fixed price policy.


You may pre-book your taxi online

Wake Up calls

We proffer wake up call for early morning hours
to avoid any hassle on your travelling schedule.

Private-Hire Bookings

Non-taxi private hire available




Metro Cabs operates with high standard of vehicles in the Tauranga Region (coming soon to Auckland Metropolitan). Metro Cabs have a team of approved operators have prospective long vision to provide better services to all customers.

The vision is offering “safer environments for both customers and drivers with efficient use of technology”.

MetroCabs operates 24/7 with toll free number 0508 12 13 14. Our own friendly call center staff is always there to help you all the time.

MetroCabs provides complete taxi service equipped vehicles approved taxi systems. We cover all suburbs of Tauranga region including major events & private parties. We also have provide Private hire services with approved driver and approved vehicle.

Approved Vehicles

Our clients have choices of vehicles from but not limited to -


• Toyota Prius Hybrid


• Toyota Estima

Private Hire Services

Private hire service also available on request.

Dial-a-Driver Service

We also provide approved professional driver to drive your vehicle

MeroCabs at Tauranga Airport

Normal taxi fare from Auckland Airport to CBD is approx $95.00. We have the following fix fare schemes for all suburbs.

$50 CBD – Auckland Airport $50
(fixed fare) cond. Apply

$60 Airport to CBD
and other suburbs

Private tour quotes are available on request


Online Booking


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Tauranga, NZ